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Musocial Private Limited was established in 2021 to craft interactive Financial Technology apps and platforms.

The venture was started by three Indian studs to work on FinTech space, later adding the forth pillar of venture. Musocial entered into FinTech space with a solution which is solving an important problem of society in terms and payments and transactions. 

We have a focused on Experimenting things out, and bringing the safety in Payments and Transactions.

Our team is regularly experimenting on this FinTech space to bring the most out of it which will benefit the Youth, Millennials and The People of India. 

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We’re based in India 

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We are currently based in India, with our Registered branch in Jharkhand Region and Corporate Office and Engineering Team in Hyderabad.


We are working together to bring and build New India & Developed India togehter.

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It takes the world's best talent to change the game.

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